The LA Youth Creativity Summit will utilize the lens of creativity as a tool for problem-solving and social change. We believe creative problem-solving is one of the core skills necessary to bring about a world that is more equitable and just. These forums will provide a space for young people to explore the role creativity can play as they forge their futures and accomplish their goals.

Driven by the belief that “learning by doing” is learning at its most powerful, the Creativity Summit series is dedicated to working with young people to create engaged, empowered and informed thinkers and leaders.

Partners: Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network, Center Theatre Group, Get Lit – Words Ignite, Inner-City Arts, LA Commons, LA Unified Arts Education Branch, LACMA, Las Fotos Project, SPARC, Two-Bit Circus, Versa Style, Write Girl / Bold Ink Writers, Young Producers Group, Young Storytellers

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