“The Power of Pink” is a photography project that reclaims the color pink and encourages girls to explore how to portray it as an empowering color. Through the collaboration with the Lower Eastside Girls Club in New York this project has travelled to Chaipas (Mexico), Montana, and now to Las Fotos Project in Los Angeles.

A color that has been sold to us as passive and soft, is being reclaimed to confronts patriarchy and gendered oppression. In light of the gendered wage gap, the #metoo movement, and international violence against women, pink is utilized by activists, feminists, and those in solidarity to spark conversations and implement change. We ask the girls “What is your relationship to pink? How would you wear it? How would you photograph it?” Through the photography process girls engaged in conceptual photography, environmental portraiture and a reflective dialogue to unpack the meaning of pink.

As said by one of our featured artists, Jacqueline Arellano, “Pink is powerful because so many girls rock this color and prove to everyone that she isn’t just ‘girly.’ She is more than that and shows us how much talent she has and how she can fight back.”

Opening Reception:
April 21, 2018, 2pm – 5pm

Featured LA Artists:
Sabinah Lopez, Lauryn Cardiel, Jacqueline Arellano

Partners in Pink:
The Lower Eastside Girls Club NYC , Las Fotos Project, A VOICE, Club Balam, Mirador

Photographers, Curators, & Designers:
Arlene Mejorado, Cisco Dietz, Gamaliel Grootenboer, Joseph Henrikson, Thea Westreich Wagner, Raquel DuToit, Lenora Thornton, Destiny Mata, Lou Dembrow

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